Can you read my mind?


Candle Spell to Attract New Love

Light a white candle
that will extinguish
on its own,
then prepare an altar
of things precious to you.
Take half a Vicodin
and drink the Irish whiskey
left behind by your old love,
the one you’re trying
to forget
by attracting someone new.
Do your laundry.
When you find the socks
you bought the man that left,
stuff them with
unpaid medical bills,
set them on fire
with the matches
you used to light
the candle.
Remember when he told you
he thought that making you happy
would make him want to stay.
Remember how you
are never happy.
then resurrect yourself
because you have to
go to work tomorrow.
Write your name in wax
using the thorn from a red rose.
Wait for the next full moon
and the next one
and the next one.

Sarah Bridgins

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